VC Compiler

VC is a compiler written in Java that converts a C-like language into Jasmin assembly. This was a university assignment I completed for UNSW's Programming Languages and Compilers course. Although the project framework and some utility code was provided as starter code, the scanner, parser, checker and emitter were all programmed by me.

Scanner and parser

The compiler uses a top-down parser to tokenise input files and generate an abstract syntax tree.

Static analyser

The VC programming language is a strongly-typed programming language. During compilation, my compiler checks for numerous errors, including:

  • Redeclared identifiers
  • Identifiers with the void type
  • Undeclared identifiers
  • Incompatible types for return, variable assignment and operators
  • Invalid types in array initializers
  • Non-boolean types for if and while statements
  • Incorrect function calling signature
  • Unreachable code


The compiler outputs files in the Jasmin assembly format. These are then assembled into Java bytecode.

Project status: